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Disco Dad 320
Automatic Dicing Saw

Dicing Saw
13-11 Omori-Kita 2-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-8580 Japan
Overseas Sales Department
Phone: 81-3-4590-1100Fax: 81-3-4590-1075

Contact Information:
  Faculty Contact:   Aaron Hawkins
  Staff Contact:   Joe Bussio
  Student Contact:   Matthew Searle

Maintenance Request for Dicing Saw

  • Users must purchase their own blade for the machine.
  • Questions: Contact the student contact first before going to the Staff or Faculty contact

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  1. General Description

  2. Information about diamond blades

  3. Operating Instructions
  4. Assure necessary equipment is on and install blade
  5. The Key Panel
  6. Initialization and Setup
  7. Setting Device Data
  8. Installing Wafer on Chuck
  9. Making Cuts in Semi-Auto Mode
  10. Manually set the Y Index channels and display the pattern on the sample
  11. Shut Down Instruction
  12. Questions

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