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This page includes instructions on how to dress before entering the cleanroom.

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  1. Gowning

    1. Before entering the gowning room
      1. Make sure you are wearing appropriate attire:
      2. Shoes should fully enclose the feet (no sandals, open toe, or sling-back shoes).
      3. Remove outer clothing (i.e., hats, jackets, fuzzy sweaters).
      4. Make sure you have everything you need with you to work in the lab and that it is all cleanroom-compatible.
    2. On entering the gowning room
      1. Obtain a bunnysuit. Clean suits are available in the gowning room.
      2. Put on the bunnysuit.
      3. Put the shoe covers over your shoes and fasten the snap.
      4. Put on safety glasses, plastic gloves, and a paper "snood" over your mouth.
      5. Put on your hood and make sure all your hair is covered.
      6. Don't forget to sign in!
      7. Now you are cleanroom ready!

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