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picture of Solitec Spinner Solitec Spinner

Contact Information:
  Faculty Contact:   Aaron Hawkins
  Staff Contact:   Don Dawson

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  1. General Information
    1. The Solitec spinner is used for depositing a uniform layer of a material on a wafer. It can be used for photoresist or other materials.
  2. Equipment Specifications
    1. Variable speed up to 6000rpm
    2. Supports substrates up to 9" in diameter
  3. Operating Instructions
    1. General Operating Information
      1. To use the spinner, the house vacuum must be on.
      2. Special care should be taken when using SU-8. It is not good if it gets all over.
      3. Also take care that nothing can go down the opening for the chuck or else the inner workings can get messed up.
    2. Startup
      1. To start out, the switches should all be in the off position. The speed knob should be at zero.
      2. Cleanroom wipes should be placed around the bowl of the spinner to help keep it clean.
    3. Place wafer on chuck
      1. Use the metal wafer holder to position the wafer on the chuck. There is a groove in it so it can slide under the chuck in order to center the wafer on the chuck.
      2. When the wafer is in position, switch on the vacuum and carefully slide out the wafer holder.
    4. Start Vacuum and motor
      1. Switch on the power and the motor for the spinner.
      2. The speed of the spinner may be controled by the knob to the right of the power switch.
      3. No accurate speed control is available for this spinner, so it is generally used only for cleaning the wafers.

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