Impact Ionization or Ionization Breakdown Gain and Coefficient Calculator

Semiconductor Type:

Silicon (E-field Range: 0 - 316200 V/cm)
Indium Phosphide (E-field Range: 350000 - 466900 V/cm)
Gallium Arsenide:

Low Doping (E-field Range: 200000 - 326400 V/cm)
Medium Doping (E-field Range: 200000 - 325100 V/cm)
High Doping (E-field Range: 200000 - 333600 V/cm)

Voltage: (V)
Width: (μm)

a : (cm-1)
b : (cm-1)
Me, electron gain:
Mh, hole gain:
Electric Field: (V/cm)



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Indium Phosphide: C. A. Armiento and S. H. Groves, Applied Physics Letters, Vol 43, No. 2
Gallium Arsenide: H. David Law and Charles A. Lee, Solid-State Electronics, Vol. 21, pp. 331-340