Oxide Growth Calculator

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Initial Thickness: Ǻ
Desired Thickness: Ǻ
Temperature: °C (700 to 1200)
Crystal Orientation: 100
Environment: Wet
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Calculate Thickness for a Given Time.

Use an interactive Color Chart to predict the color of Silicon Oxide or Silicon Nitride at a particular thickness.

Find information about the Tube Furnace, which we use to grow thermal oxide.

*Constants and Equations taken from a chapter written by B. E. Deal in Semiconductor materials and process technology handbook : for very large scale integration (VLSI) and ultra large scale integration (ULSI) / edited by Gary E. McGuire. (pp. 48-57)

List of Thermal Oxide Physical Constant

Property (units) Value
Density (g/cm3) 2.27
Dielectric Constant 3.9
DC Resistivity @25°C (Ω-cm) 1016
Energy gap (eV) ~9
Thermal conductivity (W/cm2°C) 0.014
Linear expansion coefficient (ppm/°C) 0.05
Refractive index 1.46
Melting Point (°C) ~1700
Molecular weight 60.08
Molecules/cm3 2.3*1022
Specific heat (J/g°C) 1.0
Film stress (at 25°C) dynes/cm2 2-4 x 109
IR absorption peak (mm) 9.3
Etch rate BHF (49%) nm/min 100