Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Cleanroom bunnysuits are intended to keep the cleanroom clean, not the wearer safe. They do provide an extra layer of protection that may protect against minor spills and splashes. When using corrosive materials, a plastic or rubber apron should be used.

Aprons / Acid Smock

Acid aprons provide better protection than the bunnysuits and can be removed much more quickly. They are recommended when using large volumes chemicals or whenever highly corrosive or toxic materials are being used. Be especially mindful to wear proper protection when heating and mixing chemicals. Remove aprons carefully to prevent any chemicals on them from contaminating other areas.


In the cleanroom it is important to protect your feet from chemical spills and dropped objects. The cleanroom booties do not provide adequate protection. Shoes need to be worn under the booties which are close-toed, close-heeled, and non-porous.


Gloves are an important piece of safety equipment in the lab, but they reduce dexterity. When working in the lab, it is important to use gloves that are appropriate for the task. There are many different types of gloves with varying resistances. When working with mixtures, choose gloves that are suitable for all of the chemicals in the mixture. If one component in the mixture can penetrate the gloves, it may carry the other components through with it, exposing you to all the chemical hazards in the mixture. Also, be sure to remove your gloves when leaving the cleanroom to prevent harmful chemicals from being transported to other areas.

Tables of the general and specific uses and certain properties for various types of gloves


Safety glasses should be worn in the cleanroom at all times. These will provide protection against flying objects and some chemical splashes. When working with chemicals, especially when heating or mixing, goggles that seal around the face will provide better protection and prevent damage. Face shields should be worn whenever working with corrosive chemicals