Lab Manager:   Jim Fraser

Phone Number:   (801) 422-4344

Cleanroom Technicians:

Evan Nuss
(443) 936-9479


Kolby Smith
(385) 775-0805


Faculty Contact:   Aaron Hawkins

Phone Number:   (801) 422-8693


For questions regarding specific machines, contact the student listed below that is in charge of that machine.




3D Profilometer   Tanner Wells
Anelva RIE   Jared Marchant
Acid Bench   Joel Wright
Bruce Furnace   Matt Hamblin
CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polisher)   Zach Walker
Critical Point Dryer   None
Dehydration Ovens   Chris Leach
Denton E-Beam Evaporator   Grant Stagg
Denton Sputtering System   Ben Tsai
Disco Dicer(Dicing Saw)   Jacob Butterfield
Ellipsometer   None
Filmetrics F20   None
Leica Microscope   None
MA150 Aligners   Joe Bussio
Metricon Prism Coupler   None
Nanospec   None
PE2 Etcher   None
Plasmatherm 1   Joel Wright
PECVD 2   None
PECVD 3   None
Polisher   None
Probe Station   Jim Fraser
Profilometer   None
RTAs   None
Solvent Bench   Joel Wright
Spinner Bench   Kamran Qaderi
STS ICP Etcher   Kalliyan Lay
Thermal Evaporator   Matt Hamblin
Trion ICP   Aaron Ruben
Vacuum Oven   Chris Leach
Wirebonder   Jace Rozsa