Cleanroom Equipment List

Itemized list of all equipment we have access to in the BYU Cleanroom Facilities.
Click here for a detailed image map of the equipment layout in our Class 10 Cleanroom Facilities.


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Detailed image map of BYU Class 10 Cleanroom Facilities.


Cleanroom equipment used during standard lithographic processes such as photoresist spinning, photoresist baking, lithographic exposure, development, and mask generation.

Film Deposition and Growth

Cleanroom equipment used during standard film deposition and growth procedures such as PECVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), metal evaporation, and thermal oxidation.

Annealing and Diffusion

Cleanroom equipment used during standard annealing and diffusion procedures such as rapid thermal annealing, dopant diffusion, and aluminum and nickel annealing.


Cleanroom equipment used during measurement procedures such as ellipsometry, profilometry, parameter analyzing, reflectometry, and microscopic imaging.


Cleanroom equipment used during standard wet and dry etching procedures such as aluminum and nickel etching, reactive ion etching (RIE), inductively coupled plasma etching (ICP), KOH etching, and oxygen descum etching.


Cleanroom equipment used during standard baking and curing procedures such as photoresist baking and curing, dehydration baking, and spin-on glass curing.

Polishing, Grinding, and Cleaving

Cleanroom equipment used for grinding, polishing, and cleaving wafers.