External Links

Useful External links including cleanroom equipment manufactures, photoresist manufactures, and more!


Cleanroom Equipment Manufacturers

Includes external links for many cleanroom equipment manufacturers.

Commercial Mask Production

Includes links to commercial facilities that make photomasks.

Industrial Cleanrooms

Industrial cleanrooms in the United States. Also includes links to many of these industrial cleanrooms.

Ion Implantation Services

Includes links to web sites of different ion implantation houses.


Includes links to MEMs resources

Miscellaneous Links

Includes miscellaneous cleanroom links

Nanotechnology Links

Includes links to Nanotechnology resources

Photoresist Manufacturers

Includes a large list of photoresist manufacturers and a table of photoresists.

Purchasing wafers

Includes a table of companies that have wafers for purchase. The table also includes information on the specific kinds of products available.

Semiconductor Links

Includes links that relate to semiconductors.

Semiconductor Process and Service Providers

Table of Semiconductor Process and Service Providers including the specific services provided.

University Research Labs

Includes information on other university cleanrooms in the United States