Diffused Ion Implantation Profile Calculator and Graph


For implantation into silicon substrate


     This calculator takes values for up to six different implants and displays the concentration profiles on the graph below. The sum of the implants is also shown. The implants may be shown with or without the effects of diffusion. To calculate a series of implants without diffusion leave the diffusion time as zero. A depth in the substrate may be specified in the "Substrate Depth (x)" box which will then be used to calculate the concentration of the sum of the implants at "x". The CSV button will open another window or tab and display the data shown on the graph in CSV format. This data may be saved and imported into most data analysis programs.


     Javascript is very slow in Microsoft Internet Explorer, so the calculation will take a long time if there is more than one implant. All other browsers should finish the calculation nearly instantly.

Number of Implants:


Diffusion Temperature:
Diffusion Time:
Implant 1
Ion Energy: [keV] (0-400)
Ion Dose: [ions/cm2]
Implant 2
Ion Energy: [keV] (0-200)
Ion Dose: [ions/cm2]
Implant 3
Ion Energy: [keV] (0-200)
Ion Dose: [ions/cm2]
Implant 4
Ion Energy: [keV] (0-200)
Ion Dose: [ions/cm2]
Implant 5
Ion Energy: [keV] (0-200)
Ion Dose: [ions/cm2]
Implant 6
Ion Energy: [keV] (0-200)
Ion Dose: [ions/cm2]
Substrate Depth (x): [µm]

Ion Concentration at x: [atoms/cm3]

Impurity Concentration vs. Substrate Depth
for above Parameters


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     Diffusion constants were taken from the "Quick Reference Manual for Silicon Integrated Circuit Technology", by W. E. Beadle, J. C. C. Tsai, and R. D. Plummer. Polynomial coefficients for range and straggle calculation, and diffused implant profile equation taken from "Analysis and Simulation of Semiconductor Devices", pp. (48-51, 72), Seigfried Selberherr, 1984.