User Resources

Important BYU Cleanroom User Resources, including contact information, access tests, BYU Exclusives, and much more!



Access to the Cleanroom

Instructions on how to gain access to the cleanroom.

Contact Information

Includes contact information for the Lab Manager, the Faculty Contact, and student contacts for cleanroom machines.

Dielectric Picture Fabrication

Includes information on how to make a dielectric picture using cleanroom proceedures.

IML Scheduler

Use this scheduler to schedule time on a machine.

MATLab Tutorial

This MATLab tutorial is for beginners and includes instructions for several basic MATLab functions.

Periodic Table

This page includes a periodic table as a reference.

Related Journals

Includes links to several journals that are related to micro and nanofabrication.

Request Equipment Maintenance

Request maintenance on a piece of cleanroom equipment.

Research Groups Working in the Cleanroom

Information on the different undergraduate research groups that use the BYU cleanroom.

SEM Images

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images from the projects in the BYU cleanroom.